Progetto Cuori Liberi ODV


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Conservation status


16-25 years
Body size

370-600 lbs.
6.5-11 ft.

Native habitat

Forests and bush-covered mountains of Eastern Russia, northeastern China, North Korea


Deer, wild pig, fish, grass, nuts, berries

The Amur tiger is the largest of the tiger subspecies.

The coat of the Amur tiger is the palest orange of all the tigers and has the fewest stripes. Each tiger’s stripes are unique and act as identifiers for other tigers. It has a scruff of fur around its neck that is more developed than other tigers, which helps protect it from the cold environment in which it lives. They generally live alone, but they do keep in contact with other tigers through scent marking. Another way they communicate is through scrapes on the ground, claw marks, and vocalizations.